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Hi. I'm Trung, software engineer, overall curious person. This is my corner of the Internet. As a late 20-something Vietnamese guy from a lower-middle class family background living in Finland, my thoughts are biased. You have been warned but welcome to change my mind. I'm always available for a coffee date.

<aside> 🗒 My name is pronounced as [t͡ɕʊŋ͡m] in my Northern Vietnamese dialect. The "tr" sounds like "ch" and "u" is a normal pan-European "u" like in "put", unlike the English "u" in "trunk", and you close your mouth at the end as if making an "m" sound. See Help:IPA/Vietnamese and for a quick guide on how to read the International Phonetic Alphabet for Vietnamese. See also Vietnamese Names.


Knowledge Base

This is supposed to be a mind dump for almost everything I know and/or have worked on. I intend to come back and update these pages as often as I acquire new knowledge about the world. Most of the articles are written for me as the main audience so you might find the language, in some places, somewhat condescending. Please take everything I write here with a big chunk of salt as it's MY belief and understanding of the world. Hope you don't mind. This is my second attempt at a wiki-like personal knowledge base system, a modern take at the commonplace book (at least parts of it since not all is public :P). The last one was lost to an accidental VPS deletion… (kids, triple your backup!).

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I also write free prose content on certain occasions. Note that some posts were imported from my previous defunct blog (, published in my teenage years, pretty cringy, kept here for archival purposes) so their creation dates are not correct.